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Can't Afford A Personal Trainer? Get In Shape For Free

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If you are looking for ways to get in better shape, but you don’t want to splurge, then there is good news. It is actually not all that difficult to find ways to workout without spending a lot of money in the process.  A lot of people think that you need a gym membership or a personal trainer in order to tackle fitness issues. But the truth is, if you know what you are doing, you can get into shape without spending much at all. In this post, we are going to look at some of the essential tips and tricks for doing just that. So that you can get into the shape you want - while still keeping the wallet you have.

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First: Learn What Works & What You Want To Do

There might be occasions when you will be paying a little something along the way. But that is not a problem in itself, so long as you know when to spend the money and why you are doing so. That’s why it is important, first of all, to figure out what it is that you really hope to achieve with your fitness regime. If you have a very clear goal set in your mind, you are much more likely to get there, and it means that you will spend less time doing exercises you don’t need to do. This saves you a lot of pain and hassle, but also a great deal of money in the long run too. Once you are very clear on what your goals are, you should then make sure to learn what it is that really works for achieving those goals. Different workouts work better for different purposes, so make sure you get it very clear what is best for you. Once you know this, you will find that you can exercise much more effectively (and cheaply) than ever before.

Don’t Be Afraid Of One-Off Classes

So you want to avoid buying an all-out gym membership, but you still want to get healthy. Well, as it happens there is an easy in-between which is worth looking at here. If you want to get in shape, you can easily boost whatever workouts you are doing at home and elsewhere by also buying the occasional one-off class. Because they are one-offs, you won’t be spending money on a gym membership, but you will still be getting some of the benefits of that membership. In a way, this is the best of both worlds, and it is possible that this will be enough for you to achieve whatever it is you are hoping to achieve, and hopefully within your time frame too.

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Learn How To Exercise Effectively At Home

A lot of people avoid home exercise primarily because they don’t actually believe that it would be that effective. But as long as you know what you are doing, you will find that it can be as effective as literally any other setting for exercising. Think again about your goals, and what kind of exercises you probably need to carry out. Now think about whether you could carry those out at home. For the vast majority of exercises, the answer to this is a resounding yes. It might be that you want to grab hold of a machine and install it in your home. This can be done relatively cheaply, definitely less money than a gym membership for a year. Or you might just be looking to tone up, in which case you might not need any gear at all, but could instead just carry out some simple yoga in the living room. As this guide about learning yoga at home will show you, it is actually extremely straightforward to get the results you want this way, so that is worth remembering when you are trying to get in shape and save money at the same time.

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Track Yourself With An App

One of the major roles that a personal trainer plays is that they encourage you to keep moving, often by signaling how far you have already come. There is no doubt that this encouragement is useful, but these days you can get much the same effect thanks to the increasingly useful world of technology. Now, you can download and install a smartphone app which monitors pretty much every aspect of your progress for you. It is worth giving this a go if you think you are going to miss that presence during your workouts. It really can make a world of difference - and many of the apps are completely free of charge.

*This post is not meant to give medical advice.  Please consult a health/medical professional before starting a new exercise routine. 

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