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Denver: The Perfect City For A Staycation With Your Kids

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If you’re looking for a place to take your kids on your next staycation, then why not give them the choice? Write down all the names of all the states on pieces of paper and then put them in a bowl, except don’t actually do this. Instead, rig the result by writing down the word “Colorado” fifty times and then celebrate when they pull it from the hat because the Colourful Colorado should definitely be your next stop. More specifically, though, you need to visit Denver.

The reason for this is, well, kids can be seriously tough to please, which is why we have come up with a bulletproof way for you to keep them smiling from ear to ear during your stay in The Mile High City.

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Denver Zoo

If there is one thing kids love, it is the Zoo, so make it your first-day activity. Get up, have breakfast, walked out of the Residence Inn Denver Cherry Creek and straight into the zoo. This is the best way to start your holiday off on the right foot. The reason this place will make them smile is that this astonishing zoo is where education comes alive. There are almost 4500 animals here, but that’s not the most impressive thing. The most impressive thing is that you get to see them enjoy life. Elephants swimming, lions roaring, orangutans swinging, and loads more. It is truly amazing.

Nature & Science Museum

You can’t miss this place because it is right next door to the Zoo. Just retrace your steps and, voila, you’ve found it. Now you’ve probably been to a lot of museums with your children over the years, but this is something else. There are fossils and dinosaurs and Egyptian mummies and even a planetarium that explores some of the biggest mysteries we know about space. Oh, and there’s an IMAX there too. It is the most mind-blowing experience you have (until you pop along to the Children’s Museum that is).

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Children’s Museum

What makes this so special is that the learning is totally powered by children. We don’t mean that children are running around in hamster balls powering the lights, what we mean is all of the learning as done on the kids' terms. It has been completely designed for the kids to explore, discover, and create. There is painting, sculpting, the chance to climb a three story mountain and forage like a squirrel, and to make huge bubbles (like 8-foot bubbles). Kids will love it and so will you because that’s what learning should be like.

Awesome Aquarium

“This is place is like holding a kaleidoscope against the ocean,” that’s what the slogan or tagline to this place should say. There is just an astonishing amount of fish here. Not just fish, but birds and reptiles and even a tiger habitat too. In terms of breathtaking experiences, you can feed stingrays, find gold, swim with sharks, and even see mermaids. Now that’s cool.

Elitch Gardens Theme Park

We recommend you wait until the last day because it’s always best to save the best until last. Your children will still talk about this place years from now, which is because it is awesome, especially if you are a theme park pro. There are over 50 heart pulsing rides for the more daring and a 10-acre swimming area with slip slides, wave machines, and lazy rivers for the younger ones. This is an absolutely must-do day out.

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