Thursday, June 8, 2017

Here's How You Can Help the Kids in Your Community

Written by a contributing writer


Civic responsibility - the responsibilities of a good citizen. While individualism is essential to great societies, there’s no denying that getting out there and helping your community is also a great step towards a better future. This is probably weighing even heavier on your mind if you have children. How can we get together and improve the areas around us so that our children are safer and can have more fun?

We’re going to take a quick look at some projects you can consider tackling for your community. There are bound to be loads of fellow parents who feel a similar way!


Cleaning and recycling

A clean community is a safer community. After all, a messy one is bound to be more polluted. It’s also bound to be more dangerous; the more litter that is allowed to build up in communities, the more likely it is that particularly dangerous litter will make an appearance, such as glass or sharp metal. Unfortunately, not every local government pours enough resources into making sure the community is kept clean enough. So if you’re up for doing a little volunteer work, you could explore the possibility of getting things cleaned up by yourself.

Of course, it should be the responsibility of the local government to ensure that communities are cleaned. After all, that’s supposed to be a service covered by the taxes you pay. So you may want to get other parents together to sign a petition to increase cleaning resources in your area. In the meantime, see if you can get several parents together during the weekend to help clean up the streets and local parks.


Building new facilities

Sadly, there are a lot of areas that don’t really have great play facilities for local children. They either lack in parks completely, or the parks that are there clearly aren’t very safe. If you and the community want to take matters into your own hands, you could research the development of your own parks. As long as you have the right permissions and good playground surface options, this could be more feasible than you think.

This, again, is perhaps something that the local government should be considering. If there’s a parks and recreation department in your local government, then consider speaking directly to them about the problem. Otherwise, making sure local streets and grassy areas are kept clean can help encourage play even without a formal playground.


Developing clubs

Kids need to exercise, right? And one of the best ways of getting them to do this is by getting them into sports. Some friendly competition is essential for many reasons. Thankfully, this is something you can help facilitate. If there aren't any local sports clubs, then consider developing one yourself. Get local kids together to play soccer, basketball, or baseball - or maybe even an informal mix of several sports! This helps keep kids active and away from all those darn screens back at home.

If there are local sports clubs, or if there isn’t enough interest in developing one, then you could explore other ‘club’ options. For example, you could consider getting kids and parents together a couple of times a month for a movie night! You could rent out a local space, get a projector, and enjoy a film together. This is great for enhancing community feeling and simply having fun!

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