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How to Make Your Kid's Birthday Extra Special

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It’s that time of year again. Your kid’s birthday is coming up and you’re wondering what to get them for their special day. Whatever their age and however fussy they may be about the presents they receive, it’s always a little stressful for a parent trying to pick out the perfect gift for their child. You don’t want to spoil them but you don’t want to disappoint them at the same time.

You want to make good memories but sometimes a fancy present isn’t what it takes to make a birthday special. If you’re tired of overthinking it then it might be time to take a step back from this mental anguish. Here are some pieces of advice which may help you make your child's birthday extra special without stressing you out in the process.

Plan early.

The key to making the perfect birthday for your child is to plan ahead. When Christmas approaches, the way to avoid mishaps or expensive presents is to go shopping in the sales months before the season is upon you. You should treat birthdays in the same way. When you see the opportunity to buy something you know your child would like on sale then you should just go for it. Imagine the joy of knowing that you don’t have to worry about planning your little one’s birthday a week before the big day because you bought presents for him or her months in advance.

Go for something unusual.

Kids like to be surprised and they remember the thoughtful things you do for them. When your little one is older, they’ll be more likely to remember that crazy birthday on which you did something completely unusual and unexpected than the birthday when you bought them a trendy toy or present.

To reiterate an earlier point: don’t overthink it. Just take an idea and run with it. You could organize a special day out at a zoo they love or take them to see a musician they adore, depending on how old they are. You could even check out a kids boutique if you’re looking for clothing or accessories that are a little more unique and out of the mainstream fashion range. Don’t worry about it not being costly; just think about what your child loves and take them by surprise.

Don’t fall for the “cool” act when they get older.

Keep the birthday magic alive even when your little one becomes a teenager. They might act too cool for presents and perhaps they only want cash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make the day fun and special. You could present the money in quirky ways such as making roses out of rolled up cash. You could also make a silly birthday crown for them to wear at home. Everybody wants to have fun on their birthday, so just make sure you do something especially for your kid - even if they’re playing it cool.

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