Thursday, June 8, 2017

It's Not about Society, It's about You

 Written by a contributing writer

For too long we have been made to believe that the way society wants us to look, is, in fact, the way we should look. For too long we, as humans, have yielded to these demands of society and made changes to ourselves in order to please it. But why is this done? Why should this be done? Yes, the society in which you live may provide you with the standard of life you desire. But it also controls the way you see yourself in ways you many not even realize. But we can all break free of the societal image chains that restrict you and your self-image. Below you can find advice on how to do so.

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Summertime is a time in which preconceived notions of what people should look like appear out of the woodwork. For instance, it is common knowledge that there is a preconceived, and misconceived, notion that women must look like supermodels whilst they’re on their summer holiday. But why is this? If a particular person has the physical capabilities, time, and desire to be able to healthily look like the stereotypical supermodel, then there is nothing wrong with them attaining that look. But if another person is unable to attain such a look in a healthy manner, then there is nothing wrong with them looking different.

This is not to say that you should give up on working out if you aren’t able to look like a supermodel. It’s just to say you shouldn't work towards it if it isn’t you. And you shouldn’t be disappointed in yourself for not being able to be someone else. When it comes to working out and staying fit, it’s about finding a workout that works for you and your specific needs. It’s about using a workout such as the Bikini Body Guide to not necessarily attain a supermodel body, but to attain the perfect body for you. It’s about working out to an extent where, at the end of the workout regime, you are comfortable enough in your own skin to be fearless when it comes to relaxing by the pool.

Another way is to find something that works for you even if it's not the trendiest method of the moment. This instance can come in many shapes and sizes, but can most easily be exemplified when it comes to food and diet. There are constantly going to be scientifically and medically induced ‘recommendations’ as to what should and should not be eaten. There are always going to be fads when it comes to food. But it’s up to you to be careful when it comes to these fads. It’s up to you to know when these ‘recommendations’ are bogus. If a particular diet has been working for you, then you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it just because an article has said it doesn’t work. You know when something works for you in regards to your diet and health. Whether it be because you actually enjoy eating something and know it helps you stay healthy at the same time. Or whether it's because it allows you to actively see and feel healthful results.

The point is, you shouldn’t let the demands from society affect the way you see yourself. You shouldn't let them make you feel like you aren't enough. Because you just need to be the best YOU you can be. And that's more than enough.

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