Saturday, June 24, 2017

Modern Fashion Trends That Will Help You Dress Like A Summer Ready Beach Babe

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The shop windows are gleaming as the sun radiates off them and the high street is full of stores selling bright colored clothes to those with a nose for fashion. When it comes to a cute beach outfit, the options are endless, but so you can narrow down the choices to fit your style, you’ve got to understand the current trends. Equally important is the mood you go to the beach in. Dressing for a date or trying to attract somebody is different to going for a day out with friends who just want to catch up with you and play some games. Appropriate clothing is something to be considered too because it’s one thing to flaunt subtlety and it’s another to walk around undignified and showing a lack of respect to others on the beach. You can look beautiful and feel sexy, while still leaving a lot to the imagination, in fact, that’s some of the fun.

If you’re shopping on a budget, another component of your outfit you should consider are accessories and how they can compliment your dress sense. If you’re going to an event, and feel the need to carry your smartphone and other belongings with you, then think about a small, light purse to carry with you and make part of your outfit. However, if you’re going for the minimalist look, something like a pair of sunglasses or ankle bracelet would be a unique expression.

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Rompers for women of all sizes

Rompers are all the rage in 2017 and it’s clear to see why. The fit is great for all women, but contrary to what you may believe, rompers are great for curvy women. Yes, a lot of women may be quick to dismiss them, because they combine hip hugging shorts with a flowy top, which seems a bit topsy-turvy at first. However, there are so many styles that are  made to flatter a woman's curves in one effortless piece. The fabrics and lengths offered are very generous with many options to perfectly fit your thigh, stomach, and arms without causing a tight discomfort. Some styles have baggy hemlines which go down to just above the knee; great for those who feel self-conscious about cellulite but still want to be comfortable and trendy. Floral prints break up the lines of your body, so no discernible feature is getting more attention than the other.

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Dress to impress

You can’t go wrong with a dress; although there’s good and then there’s great. A choker neck sleeveless dress can be worn in a light fabric which keeps you cool and mobile on the sandy beach. Something that’s made out lace with a patterned cleavage line is also a great choice to go with. You can buy shoulderless sun stripes from cute boutiques, which have great support around the arms and back so you can stay active without worry. Red, blue, pink, and just about any party-color layered hem dress also comes with two invisible side pockets; rest assured dresses are practical as well as fabulous. A tropical style is great when you match it with sandals such as leather gladiators . With the sandals and sleeveless dress, you can accessorize with something like a summer wicker sun hat or a fedora for an extra chic look. The superb aspect of a summer dress is that you can wear it on the beach or around a shopping mall and it doesn’t look out of place in either one. The only thing is because the fabric is thin, it’s best to try it on in store, so you get a feel for how it hugs your curves.

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Swimwear with confidence

Bikini or halter neck, for that, is the question every woman of all sizes asks herself. The halter neck has its roots in vintage swimwear, a classier time where blue and white striped tops were made famous by Marilyn Monroe. Once commonplace along the ooh-la-la French Rivieras, and worn in the 1980s by the wives of famous Formula One drivers at the Monaco Grand Prix. Italian fashion is bringing the style back into the fray with exquisite tricot swimsuits which are designed to accentuate your curves.

If you want to flaunt a beach-ready bikini body, then that’s exactly what you should do. The white triangle bikini has been made famous by many Bond girls. It’s tight but doesn’t feature a push-up support, so it’s not very revealing. It’s sleek, sexy and hugs your curves with affection. The white bounces off the surface of the beach vividly, so if you want to get noticed, this is definitely for you. Bright colors like orange and lime green go great with a pair of black sunglasses because the brightness is paralleled with a dark outline.

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Accessories to bring it all together

Laying out your beach outfit on the bed, but still not satisfied? Think about completing the package with jewelry. A sexy chain anklet is subtle in nature, but that’s the point. Someone who notices a little flash of bling will immediately appreciate that the small things matter to you. After you’ve cleaned, chiseled and painted your nails, you could stick tiny fake crystals in the center of a nail on each hand for an extra pop of sparkle. If large summer hats aren’t your thing, don’t dismiss the humble volleyball cap. If your hair is shoulder length, a ponytail sticking out the back creates an athletic look; someone who’s ready to be active or play a sport. Bangles are so Hollywood, especially thick black styles with granite look; it’s pure vintage. When frolicking on the beach, you want to be able to lay on your front to tan your back without a metal necklace jabbing you in the throat. So how about a beaded hippy-style necklace instead? Great value, and smooth to the touch, beads can be polished or even shimmer in the sunlight.


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