Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Planning The Perfect Family Picnic In The Park

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Summer is here and the warmer weather means there’s no better time to eat al fresco with your family and kids. A picnic is a perfect way to enjoy each other's company, soak up the sunshine, and eat some delicious treats. So grab your gingham blanket and have a look through the following ideas that will help inspire you to create a memorable picnic that the whole family will appreciate.

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The Setting

You’ll need something comfortable and decorative (why not) to sit on and a picnic blanket is the perfect thing to cover the grass and any dirt that would otherwise get on your clothing and, potentially, the food. However, if you’re included every generation of your family, and inviting seniors to the picnic, you might want to invest in some fold-out chairs or camping stools to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

You could add a touch of luxury to your family get-together by adding some cushions and extra throws to the setting, which will provide added comfort and warmth if things get a little breezy. A parasol or large umbrella can provide much-needed shade from the sun, which is essential for babies, toddlers, and the elderly. A decent cooler and picnic basket should also be a priority, after all, the picnic food is the star of the show. The idea is not to spend a fortune, but invest in items that you can use again and again. For some more ideas on cheap days out with the kids, take a look here:

The Food And Drinks

Picnics can be a great balance of delicious, healthy food, and some tasty sweet treats too; so try and write down a list of what you intend to make, to ensure that there’s enough of each. Sandwiches are an excellent place to start, or, if you’re going to have a portable BBQ on the go, just take the buns and relishes you’ll need for the chargrilled chicken and burgers that you’ll fill them with. Savory snack like potato chips, carrot sticks, and cheeses, will all be appreciated also.

For your little ones and infants, you’ll need to ensure that you have some delicious food for them, that you can transport with ease, like sachets of Happytot Organic Superfoods and any teething snacks. Keeping the smallest members of the family happy and well-fed will ensure that your day goes as smoothly (and peacefully) as possible. Older kids will adore the rest of the picnic food and you can involve them in the preparation of the homemade lemonade and strawberry cupcakes (yum).

The Fun And Games

If you’re already outside and in a park area on a sunny day, everyone will be happy enough to sit and enjoy the food, weather, and natural surroundings. However, to add a little more fun to the day, consider taking part in some outdoor games: take a bat and ball for a family game of baseball, or perhaps a frisbee so the kids can play catch with mom and dad.

Taking a kite to fly is another option, especially if you’re up on a hill, or it’s a breezy day. And, for the brave among you; water pistols and water balloons are a great way to cool down and have a good time in the sunshine, just don’t forget to take some towels and dry clothing for the journey home.

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