Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Hostess With The Mostest: All You Need To Know About Hosting Your First Garden BBQ

Written by a contributing writer


BBQs are undoubtedly one of the summer’s greatest highlights. They offer a chance to spend magical moments with friends and family without the hassle or cost of alternative entertainment. When the sun is shining too, life simply doesn’t get any better.

The first garden shindig is always the hardest to organize, as you’ll inevitably gain confidence with experience. In reality, you’re probably worrying more than you need to. Nevertheless, this checklist of key ingredients should ensure that your event is BBQtiful. What are you waiting for? Let’s get cookin’.

It All Starts With Good Food

The BBQ is about more than just food. Nevertheless, those tasty meats and treats are what leave guests salivating in anticipation. Choosing top products like smoked kielbasa will give you the best chance of delivering the goods.

You may want to provide a selection of vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian options depending on your guests. Meanwhile, it’s equally imperative that those dishes are supported by great sauces and condiments. Get it right, and it will be compliments to the chef all round.


The BBQ Isn’t Your Only Option
Great tasting food is essential. However, your image of cooking up a storm on the BBQ is only one possible solution. With these simple hacks, your kitchen can become an even greater weapon as you look to feed the big crowd. In many cases, the best option is to try a combination of the two.

Ultimately, your guests won’t be overly fussed about how the food is cooked. Taste is everything. Besides, utilizing both the kitchen and the garden creates a far bigger space for guests to mingle. It also offers a chance to break off into smaller groups. If you want to be the BBQ Queen, simplicity is king.

Be Prepared For Weather Changes
Even if you’ve conducted your research in advance, you can never trust the weather. Ever. Situations can change quite quickly, and it’s imperative that you have the facilities to cope.

If it rains, there’s always the option to head inside. However, if you have a decking area, then a retractable canopy can work wonders. This option can additionally provide great comfort should it get too hot. Alternatively, a small gazebo may be a great way to keep the options open for guests of all ages.


Think About The Entertainment
Most hosts will take the time to make guests comfortable with the right furniture, and great food. However, you also need to keep them entertained. Creating a Spotify playlist is very easy. Do this and hook your laptop up to the speakers for a great background sound throughout the event.

You should also try to source a variety of fun family games. Whether it’s garden bowls, trampolining, or playing with a bat and ball doesn’t matter. Those activities and laughter are the perfect partner to great food and can turn a good BBQ into a great one. Get it right, and it’ll be a day to remember.

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