Wednesday, June 7, 2017

You Don't Need A Gym Membership To Keep Fit

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Gyms can be pretty polarizing places. When you go, you will mostly find people who just love being at the gym. They may have long since ceased to do it because they wanted to lose a little weight, or they wanted to get a bit more fit. They now just love going. There is nothing wrong with spending four or five nights at the gym each week so that you can get the toned beach body that you desire all year round. However, this sort of atmosphere has contributed to a lot of people feeling uncomfortable when they go to the gym if they are not already looking great. The irony of this is that the reason that a lot of people go to the gym is because they want to get to that comfortable-in-their-own-skin stage. This is why there is a lot written about how to get over gym anxiety.

However, a lot of Americans still have memberships to gyms or health clubs. A survey conducted recently found that about 16% of the population, which is about 50.2 million people, have a gym membership. That does not mean, however, that all of these people are using them regularly, or that when they do use them, they are getting much use of out the exercises and activities that they are doing. Gyms are great if you know what you are doing and you enjoy it. However, there are a lot of reasons why some people don't like to go, besides reticence. For instance, the average cost of gym membership in the US is between $40 and $50 a month. When you factor in the registration fees and other costs, it is likely to be about $800 a year. That is an incredible amount of money that a lot of people simply cannot afford. Besides, it is not just money that the gym can cost you. If you work full time, you may not be able to find the time. You have to travel there in the first place, workout after a long day at your job, and then drive home. Since most people want to relax after they go home from the office each day, the gym may not be an especially appealing option.

Thankfully, there are lots of great alternatives. One of the most convenient is working out at home. If you have a little extra money lying around somewhere, you could dedicate a room in your house, or your basement, to exercise and invest in your own gym equipment. However, it is expensive, and this is why a lot of people effectively rent it each month by getting a gym membership. Working out alone can be tough as well.

If you go with a friend to the gym, you can at least motivate each other. That is why exercise tapes or DVDs have become so popular. You can fit them in around your own schedule and even pause them if you like when you need a break. However, knowing which one to get can be tricky. Checking out reviews from sites like can help you make the right decision. Each tape will be different and will be intended to help you work out a different part of your body. You should, therefore, carefully consider which ones will appeal most to your needs. A lot of celebrities have a tendency to create a feel good, weight loss narrative around their lives which they then attempt to monetize. This may be fine if you like the person involved, but from a pure fitness perspective, these types may not be the best.

If you want a way to work out that is going to be fun as well as effective, why not take up a sport? You can learn a new skill while making friends at the same time. Besides, if you join a team, you may find that the competitive aspect of the sport takes over and by the end of your first season, you may not realize that have been exercising so much. Who knows, you might be great and end up becoming a pro? As for which sports to pick, that depends on what you enjoy, but each sport does have its own health benefits. For instance, swimming is great because it exercises all of your muscles at once. Basketball, meanwhile, helps  cardiovascular fitness as well as improving bone strength, motor skills, and coordination. Every sport will have it owns physical benefits, but one thing that they all have in common is that they help you reduce stress. The only question left to ask is, what are you waiting for?

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  2. Fitness is something which comes with hard work and complete dedication towards body. It's necessary to focus on how we are practicing our workouts rather than to focus on where to werform them. Joining gym not mendatory but what more esential is focus on the goals that you've set for your body.