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10 Ways Moms Can Stay Fit & Healthy...Without a Gym Membership

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OK, we know that everybody wants to be in shape, but if you’re a new parent, how on earth do you do it? There are so many tasks to take on that it seems unlikely that you’ll be able to find a spare hour to visit the gym for a strenuous workout. Also, let’s not forget that gym memberships can be expensive. If you’re spending all that money, you’ll need to be going the gym, but then...there’s no time. But don’t give up on your fitness goals just yet, because there are plenty of other ways you can stay fit and healthy, even without a gym membership. Here’s how.

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An Evening Walk

We’re in the middle of summer, so why would you want to spend your time inside a gym anyway? OK, the view of a setting sun isn’t the only reason why it’s better to take an evening walk than doing a thorough workout at the gym. It’s about getting up and active during a time when you might be doing nothing at all. It’ll burn off some of those calories and help you unwind after a long day. If more people walked, the world would be a happier, fitter place.

Parking Hack

Speaking of walking, there’s another time when you should be doing it, too: when you drive somewhere. “Huh?”, I hear you ask? That’s right - just because you’re driving somewhere doesn’t mean you have to drive right to the door of wherever you’re going. Instead, park 10 or so minutes away and then walk the rest of the way. Straight away, you’ll have added twenty minutes of exercise to your day, and what will you have lost? Only sitting in bumper to bumper traffic.

From the Comfort of your Home

Your home can be your own gym, even without the fancy equipment that gyms usually have. All you need to do is watch a workout online, join along, and work up a sweat. Whether you’re planning to shift that baby weight or trying to become a super fit version of yourself, an online workout routine will enable you to fit all the benefits of gym memberships into your daily life, and at a time that suits you, too.

Family Adventures

It’s usually the kids who take up the time that you could be spending working out, so why not make them part of the exercise process? It all comes down to how you spend your time. If you’re looking for something to do with the children, forget sitting at home with a movie: go on an adventure instead. Wherever you live, you’ll surely have the great outdoors within easy driving distance, so pack up the car with supplies and hit the hiking trails. Bonus: your kids will love it, and be all tuckered out when you return home. A relaxing evening awaits!

Yoga Positions On Demand

We don’t want to make you choose between staying fit and catching up with all your favorite television shows and movies. Why choose, when you don’t have to? It comes down to how you’re watching the shows. Lying down on the sofa is fine for a while, but mix it up by adopting yoga positions while you’re watching. If you needed an excuse to binge watch Netflix series, then “I’m getting fit at the same time” might just be it.

Cut Facebook, Eat Better

We all know that a big part of having a healthy lifestyle is connected with one we eat. If we’re only eating junk, then there’s only so much that being active can do. Unfortunately, people do tend to eat junk - simple because it’s quick and convenient. But what if you cut out Facebook? One study conducted in 2016 found that Facebook users were spending 50 minutes of their day on the website. If you delete the social media site from your favorites, you’ll have the time to make a healthy, nutritious meal each night. Easy!

A New Family Member

Look at getting a family pet: a dog, to be precise. They can be a lot of hard work, of course, but they can also bring bags of love and other benefits to the family household. One of these benefits is that it helps keep the whole family active. Those two walks a day, long Sunday afternoon strolls...it all adds up to create an active lifestyle. There are a lot of considerations to bear in mind before you get any pet, however, so think carefully before adopting!

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Get the Garden in Shape

Physical activity can be beneficial to other areas of your life, too. For example, have you ever tried to get your garden in shape? You’ll use muscles you had forgotten even existed. As well as getting fit, you’ll discover that there are plenty of benefits to being on your hands and knees in the garden. To take it one step further, look at adding a vegetable patch to your garden. Fresh foods are awesomely delicious and good for you!

Join a Sports Team

Hey, your children are joining sports teams left, right, and center...why aren’t you? People tend to think it’s only for children, but there are plenty of opportunities to join a sports team as an adult - and they have plenty of benefits, too. You’ll get fit, of course. You’ll also meet other parents and have pride in what you’re trying to achieve.

Avoid Long Sitting Sessions

OK, the last tip is a pretty simple one: are you sitting down for too long? Stand up. Seriously. The dangers of sitting for long stretches at a time are just being explored, but the general view is that it’s causing more damage than you might think. If you have a job - or general lifestyle - that involves sitting down for long periods, mix it up and find ways to incorporate standing and walking into your daily routine. Do this and all the other tips above, and you’ll be on your way to a fit and healthy lifestyle in no time!

*This post is not meant to give medical advice. Please consult a health/medical professional before starting a new exercise routine.

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