Monday, July 31, 2017

A Mom's Guide To Making Your Kitchen Child-Friendly

Written by a contributing writer

Every parent knows that their home can be a dangerous place for young children. Potential hazards lurk around every corner, and it can be easy for your child to hurt themselves if you’re not careful.

Pretty much every room in your house poses a potential threat, but none more so than your kitchen. There are loads of harmful objects and things in this room that make it very tricky to stay calm when your young child is in there.

Which is why I’ve created a small guide to help you make your kitchen more child-friendly! By reading this, you should be able to have your children in the kitchen without freaking out every five seconds.


Lock All The Cabinets

Kids are nosy, let’s just throw that out there right away. They’re always going around exploring things and just generally doing things they shouldn’t be doing out of curiosity. When they start exploring in the kitchen, it can lead to all sorts of dangerous situations. All it takes is for them to open a cabinet or drawer and get their hands on a dangerous utensil. What you should do is fit all the cabinets with childproof locks. You can get things that fit around the handles and prevent kids from opening them. It’ll make your kitchen a lot safer, that’s for certain.

Get A Safe High Chair

If you have a kitchen table where your children like to eat, this can pose a potential threat. It’s easy for your child to get out of their seat and wander towards something dangerous when you’re preparing their food. So, what you could do is ensure you find a safe, high chair for them to stay in. The best high chair will keep your child comfortable and make it impossible for them to get out or reach for something that can hurt them. It keeps them safe while you’re preparing food so you don’t have to worry about them as much.

Move Dangerous Objects Up High

It’s a good idea to keep anything dangerous as far away from your children as possible. I’m talking about things that you don’t put in the cabinets so they can’t be locked away. A set of knives for example, or your microwave/toaster. Keep them in places that your children can’t get to or reach with ease. The best way to do this is to move them to higher ground and put them right at the back of the kitchen counter. This makes it almost impossible for your children to reach them and you’ll keep your children safe and free from harm.


Turn Things Off At The Mains

If you have anything that’s plugged into a socket or powered by electricity, you need to turn it off at the mains. This prevents your children from accidentally turning something on, such as your oven. If your controls are located within their reach, it’s so easy for them to crawl over and turn a few dials which heat up your oven. Obviously, this is very dangerous and needs to be prevented. So, if you keep it turned off at the mains, they won’t be able to accidentally do this.

Hopefully, you can use this guide to make your kitchen a safer place for young children. As such, you can stress less whenever you’re in there.

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