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Reduce Pregnancy Tiredness With These Sleep Happy Tips

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Pregnancy is really hard work! You’re growing a life inside you and that can be exhausting. But if your pregnancy is making it difficult to sleep, then you’re going to find you’re too tired to do much at all. There are plenty of reasons why your little one could be keeping you up at night. Here are a few tips to help you get the sleep you need while pregnant:


Indigestion and reflux are quite common in pregnancy. There are some antacids that are safe to take, but many moms-to-be don’t like the idea of taking any kind of medication while they are pregnant. There are a few tricks you can try to reduce the instances of indigestion -

Get to know what turns your tummy and avoid it. Generally speaking, plain, white foods are pretty safe and spices and cured meats might give you a little heartburn.

Eat a little earlier in the evening, so you’ve taken care of digesting before lying down.

Try a ginger biscuit or ginger gum if you start to feel a little nauseous.


After twenty weeks, your little one will be squirming about more and more. That can really hurt at times! If your baby seems to be a night owl, why not (if you can) try to sleep more in the day? There will be plenty of things that will soothe your baby, like music, or hearing your voice. Try these before bed so you can get to sleep before they start kicking.

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Sleep Haven

Creating the perfect sleep haven can help you drift off to sleep a little easier. Choose a comfortable mattress that isn’t too soft. Add a support pillow to prop between your legs. You could also use a bed bollard pillow to stop you rolling onto your back. Pick high-quality cal king sheet sets that feel good on the skin. Invest in a set of blackout blinds so you can sleep in the day without being disturbed. Make sure you have fresh air in your bedroom every day to help you sleep better at night.

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As you get bigger, you’ll find moving about will get trickier and trickier. And exercise will soon be impossible as you struggle to carry the extra weight of the baby. However, if you can keep up those walks around the block and your prenatal exercise classes, your body will thank you for it. Plus, exercise is one of the main ingredients for a good night of sleep. Swimming can be ideal if you’re finding ankles and hips are struggling a bit now.

Hot, hot, hot

When you’re pregnant, you can suddenly find yourself sweating and overheating for no reason at all. When this happens at night, all you want to do is throw off the covers and get the windows open! Start the night by cooling the room before you go to bed. A few degrees lower than the rest of the house offers you the night-long comfort you need. You can always snuggle down into your sheets for a little warmth. Sleep well.

*This post is not meant to give medical advice.  Please consult a health/medical professional with any concerns.

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