Monday, July 3, 2017

Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe on a Budget

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The warm weather has arrived and it’s time to bring out the summer wardrobe. If the very thought fills you with horror because your summer clothing is a bit tired and worn, or perhaps because you’ve moved to a totally new climate and your clothes just don’t fit in, don’t worry! There are a number of budget-friendly things you can do to refresh your summer wardrobe. Here are some of them:

Rework Your Old Summer Clothes

If your budget is extremely tight, instead of focusing on new clothes to add to your wardrobe, look at your old summer clothes and see what you can do to refresh them. For example, you might be able to re-hem an old maxi dress to turn it into a short one, or you could cut some old jeans to turn them into cute shorts. You could also add embellishments like beads, ribbons, and new buttons to older outfits to give them a completely new lease of life.

Take Off the Sleeves

If you don’t have many suitable summer clothes that can be reworked, you might also want to think about transforming some of your cool weather clothes by cutting off the sleeves, creating a lower neckline, or otherwise altering them for the season.

Shop for Dresses Online

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A summer wardrobe wouldn’t be a summer wardrobe without at least a couple of flirty summer dresses, and lucky for you, there are several Boutique Dresses available at surprisingly low prices online. Even if you can just afford to buy one, you will be able to get a lot of wear out of it by styling it with different accessories. For example, one day you could wear it with an infinity scarf, another you could use a belt to hitch it up and make it appear shorter, or you could simple switch the accessories you wear it with.

Buy Reversible Tops

You might think that reversible clothing is just for kids, but there are lots of beautiful summer tunics and blouses that are reversible, which means you can significantly increase the number of fresh looks you rock this summer for half the price!

Buy in July

July is the best month to pick up a few items to refresh your summer wardrobe because many stores are preparing for their autumn displays, which means that they start to offer heavy discounts on shorts, skirts, and shirts for the summer. If you want to ensure you have a really great summer wardrobe next year, you might also want to check out the stores for summer clothing in August/September and beyond when they will be even cheaper.

Buy Some Beads

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Adding a few colorful Glass Beads to any outfit is a great way to refresh your clothing for the summer. The beads are affordable, cute, and the way the light shines off them will add a summer glow to all of your outfits without you having to change a single thing.

What tips do you recommend to refresh your summer wardrobe on a budget?

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