Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Back To School Survival Tips Every Mom Should Read

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It doesn’t seem too long ago that our kids were running out of the school doors excited for summer break. Now we are in the middle of August and pretty soon the school gates will be opening again (if they haven't already) to welcome our children back for another school year. To help you get ready for the new academic year, here are some back to school survival tips you may find useful.

Order classroom essentials online
Save yourself a lot of time and head online for the supplies your child needs for school. We recommend you take a look at the special offers at DontPayFull.com and go to the Walmart section for some great opportunities to save on classroom essentials. Having everything delivered to your door will cut down on legwork from going from store to store trying to find everything and will save you a lot of last minute stress.

Check the school uniform

Remember, your children grow up fast, so make sure their uniform/clothing still fit. You may still decide to buy some new gear, especially if there are holes in the knees of their trousers or nasty scuff marks on their shoes. While you could buy the clothing online, you may prefer to head to the local store for this one so your kids can try on clothes before you buy. Better to be safe than sorry and you will save them a lot of discomfort to boot!

Sort out the paperwork

Schools tend to send us a lot of paperwork, so make sure you are up to date with everything. Keep everything in one folder, from the school calendar to a copy of the classroom rules, and sign any consent forms needed for the year ahead. Keep a backup of important dates and information with the app from Evernote.com, which is especially useful for those of us prone to forgetfulness.

Ready the body clock

There is nothing wrong with you letting your kids stay up an extra hour or so during the holidays. However, in the run up to the new school year, get back into a routine early. Your kids will need time to adjust to early mornings again, and so will you. Therefore, you won't run the risk of your kids being late on the first day of school and you'll ensure you all have time to prepare yourselves.

Get back into school mode

When you’re young, school holidays seem to last forever. Many will be looking forward to getting back to school and seeing their friends and some will be trying to hold onto the last clutches of freedom they have before they return. In either case, prepare your kids for the inevitable. Get them back into ‘school mode’ and practice their reading and writing with them and encourage them to think positively about the return to school. Younger children especially will need your reassurance, so offer plenty of love and support. Follow the advice we gave you here at Floridamommydiaries.com, and remember to care for mental well-being during the preparation for the new school year.

Good luck for the year ahead!

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