Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cruelty-Free Hair Products (Affordable Options)

That's right! I've taken my cruelty-free journey to hair! Now, while I don't exclusively use cruelty-free products, I am trying to make the effort to find cruelty-free options and switch to cruelty-free products that are comparable to the products that I currently use. So far, most of my day-to-day makeup is by cruelty-free brands. So let's see if I can find some CF hair products as well!

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

I LOVE this shampoo. It leaves my hair clean, shiny, and it doesn't dry it out. I like the smell of tea tree oil so, of course, I love the smell of this shampoo.  The brand, Maple Holistics, specializes in cruelty-free and all-natural personal care products. I will definitely be trying more products by them! (You can get free samples from Maple Holistics here!)
Live Clean Argan Oil Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner
I used these products up! Which, unfortunately, is a rarity due to my product testing schedule. But, in all honesty, I just loved how my hair looked with this shampoo and conditioner. They make my hair completely revitalized and healthy after months in the Florida summer sun. The shampoo does have an earthy vanilla scent that took some getting used to simply because I am used to very strong fruity scents when it comes to hair care products. This scent was much more subtle and soft. I also love that you can find them in the drugstore and at Target (my Publix even carries them) at a pretty affordable price point! Live Clean also makes hand, body, and baby products.

Alba Botanica Conditioners in Coconut and Plumeria

Alba is a popular brand and probably one of the first people run to when they decide to go cruelty-free. Alba's products are hit or miss for me. And every time I get a miss, I want so badly for it to be a hit. I liked these conditioners but wasn't wowed by them.  The plumeria scent was my favorite, but I felt like I had to use a lot of product to get my hair fully conditioned. Overall, I would recommend these conditioners if you have short or medium length hair. But if you have long hair or need intense moisture, I would look elsewhere.

Baptiste Dry Shampoo

This one is a bit controversial. Baptiste has claimed they are cruelty-free, yet some sources report that they sell their products in China. (China requires animal testing in order for the product to be sold there.) To be honest, I'm not sure which is true and can't find anything from the brand other than this statement:
"Batiste Dry Shampoo is not tested on animals. While we have no connection to the Leaping Bunny Program, we use a rabbit icon to draw attention to the fact, as stated on the can, that we do not test our product on animals."

So, taking the brand for its word, I've included Baptiste on this list.  And it's my favorite dry shampoo. I've tried higher-end brands and I always come back to Baptiste. My favorite scent is Bare. It's very light, clean, and not perfumey at all. The dry shampoo soaks into my hair, leaving it soft, and feeling/looking clean. It's super easy to use, not messy, and there is no fussing with it to get it to work.

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