Friday, September 8, 2017

What to Look for in Renovation Quotes

Written by a contributing writer

Deciding to start a home renovation project is a big step for any homeowner. That is why the process of finding the right renovation expert to complete the job is so important. When you are searching for quotes and getting estimates for your job, it is important to understand what that quote should include and what your rights are to change it before you sign a contract with the renovation professional. Here are three important things to look for in home renovation quotes.

Scope of Work

An important part of the estimate is knowing that both you and your contractor are on the same page when it comes to a variety of project specifications. This part of the quote should spell out clearly what the contractor will be expected to complete and the timeframe in which they will complete it. Additional information such as inspection fees, permit fees, and other costs not related to material and labor should also be clear before signing a contract.

Standards for Quality

Contractors have to meet safety requirements for each job they do, but there is no governing rules or licensing to guarantee high-quality work. If you are worried, you can include in your quote and your contract specifications for contractors to follow manufacturer instructions on materials, that all employees must act in a workmanlike manner and that they follow the standards of local trade associations, even if they are not members themselves. While you may not have to pay more to meet these standards, it may affect the original quoted timeline for the length of the project.

Bid and Allowances

When it comes to money, you want your contractor to be as transparent as possible. A good bid should provide you with the best estimate on the cost of materials (which can change depending on the type of materials you want to be used for the project), cost of labor, how many hours of labor will be required, repairs for possible damage and cleanup materials. Most quotes will have room for an allowance, which gives the contractor a certain amount of wiggle room in case costs of materials are higher. These allowances should be researched by the homeowner to determine if the contractor is providing a fair estimate in material supplies.


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