Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chew On This! How To Survive Your Baby's Teething

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Do you dread going to the dentist, especially if you've got a tooth coming through? Well, the issue with our children going through teething is just as bad. Imagine, instead of you having one wisdom tooth coming through, you've got a few. This is what our poor children have to go through all the time. So, it can cause a lot of stress, not just for your children, but for us as parents. And some of us feel ill-equipped to deal with the problems that come with teething, especially all those late nights, early mornings, and that constant feeling of uselessness that we can have his parents. But, here are the best ways for you to survive your children teething and how to help them cope better with it.

Be Reassuring

This is arguably too obvious, but your children going through teething is such a difficult time in their lives. They don't know what's going on, and they are scared. So be as comforting to them as possible. Some parents take the old-fashioned approach of letting them cry it out, and we've seen now that this doesn't always work...especially when they are teething!

Know The Symptoms

There are various symptoms of children teething, and this isn't just the physical signs, such as swollen gums, as well as drooling and nappy rash. But there are other things, such as them refusing to eat food because it simply hurts too much. Luckily with the vast majority of symptoms now, there are things you can use to help alleviate the symptoms somewhat. From diaper rash cream to chewable toys that can be put in the freezer, and topical creams and ointments that can be purchased for cheap. You need to keep on top of the symptoms, and especially with issues like diarrhea or drool, these things can add more irritation to your children.

Make Sure They Rest

Issues involving teething and any other signs and symptoms will make them feel tired and cranky. Make sure that they stick to their nap routines, and if not, and teething is especially painful, it's okay to ask your pediatrician if you can give them some pain relievers, such as Anbesol or Bonjela. A routine when they are miserable and in pain can be very difficult to honor, but it's always worth putting them down for a nap at their scheduled times. You can take the French approach to parenting, and if they are upset when you put them down for a nap, wait 5 minutes, and if their crying hasn't lessened, then you can take them out and cuddle them.

Encourage The Teeth To Come Through

Naturally, your baby will start to chew on everything they see, and this helps to bring the teeth through. There are products like Bickiepegs you can buy, which they can gnaw at, as well as the aforementioned chew toys, including Sophie The Giraffe that will all help to bring the teeth through. You can also apply gentle pressure, by massaging the gums, as long as you've got clean fingers, or use wet washcloths, and in doing this, it can help to prevent bacteria, which will lead to inflammation if left to fester.

Ride It Out

It can be very stressful if your child doesn't want to eat, especially if you've been working so hard to make sure they've been gaining weight, but naturally their appetite will reduce. And because they are drooling a lot, it's important to keep their fluid intake up. But lots of frozen foods can help, so, for example, if they like bananas, you can give them a frozen banana, and this is going to help with the pain, but also it will be food that they can tolerate, as opposed to hard, crunchy foods.

Don't Lose Heart

Yes, it's very stressful, but once their first set of teeth make their way to the surface, this is the hard part done. As time goes on, and more teeth come, you will know the symptoms your child has, but also they learn to cope with the pain a little better. Remember, this is all brand new to them, and from the comfort of the womb to being thrust into a bright world, every new thing is scary to them. The best thing you can do is to protect them as best as you can, reassure them, but don't feel like you are doing a bad job. This always needs reiterating.

We all know the big tasks involved in the early years of any child's life, and teething is one of the big ones.


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