Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Adopting a Dog

Written by a contributing writer

Considering almost 50% of households have a pet dog, there’s a good chance that you’ll consider taking on one of your own at some point or another. When some people decide that it’s the right time for them to get a canine companion, they choose a breed and automatically start looking up breeders in their local area. But it’s extremely important that you are aware that this isn’t the only option. There are already so many perfect pooches already out there who are in serious need of a loving home, and you could offer them just what they need! This is why you should always consider adopting before shopping. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, here’s everything you need to know about adopting a dog!

Choosing a Breed

Chances are that you already have a good idea of what dog breed you’d like to make a part of your family. But the majority of people come to this decision by merely looking at different dogs’ appearances. It’s so important that you know a lot about the different breeds of dog that you are considering taking into your home, as each has been bred for a specific purpose and will consequently have different characteristics, behavioral traits, and physical traits that you need to take into mind. A Bichon Frise, for example, is bred as a lap dog and companion dog, so will need more attention than other breeds. A Border Collie is bred as a working farm dog, so will have lots of energy and require longer walks. You need to make sure that you can meet your dog’s natural needs before taking them on. Some dogs in shelters may not have an immediately recognizable breed, or may be crossbred, but you can carry out a DNA test to determine what breed they are with www.certapet.com/embark-dna/.

Getting to Know Potential Pup’s Personalities
Every dog will have an individual and unique personality. So, it’s best to get to know the different dogs at the shelter to find out which is best for your home and family. You will need to make a good fit, where you and your pooch can gel well with one another. If you have a calm home, you should look for a calm dog who is more comfortable in quiet and laid back surroundings. A hyperactive, energetic canine companion may prove overwhelming for you, and you may not be able to cater to his or her needs either. If you are energetic yourself and have an extremely busy household, the energetic pooch could prove to be a better fit than a shy and reserved dog who may quickly become overwhelmed.

Bringing Your Dog Home

Once you’ve settled on a dog, the shelter you have taken them on from should give you complete instruction on how to help them settle into your home. Where possible, you should book a little time off work, so that you can help them to feel comfortable and welcomed.

These are just a few steps that you will go through in the process of adopting a dog. Take as long as you need to make the right decision - a dog is a big responsibility and you want to ensure that the pooch you take home will be heading back to their forever home, where they can be happy and healthy!

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