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How To Enjoy a Road Trip With Young Children

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The film RV, with Robin Williams, shows the trials and tribulations of a family road trip balanced with the ability for such trips to open our hearts and allow us to reconnect with our loved ones. Indeed, in such a fast-paced world, where we are all often immersed in our digital devices, tasks, and social obligations. The chance to take a breath and just be is a rarity today.

A road trip is a great way to reconnect with your family and have a wonderful adventure, yet “enjoying a road trip with young children” is not something many parents can relate to, as it can be a very testing situation that requires bucket loads of patience and planning in advance to keep young children entertained.

Of course, if you’re travelling with really young children the process tends to be a lot simpler as you can feed them up with some holle baby formula then let the natural motion of the car lull them into a deep sleep that will hopefully last most the way throughout the longer aspects of your driving days.

The thing is there’s always going to be a challenge when people are crammed into a small space for hours on end, with little to do, and when you throw impatient young children that keep asking the dreaded question “are we there yet”, it can be even more challenging.

Here are three tips to help you enjoy a road trip with young children:


It’s a good idea to stop off along the route, often, as this breaks down the drive for the driver (thus improving focus and concentration) but also gives your passengers a welcome break to stretch their legs and engage their minds.

Driving straight down the freeway might be the most efficient way to get to where you’re going, but breaking up the journey in bitesize chunks, with activities planned along the way can lead to a much more rewarding experience for everyone.


You’ll want to ensure your kids have plenty of activities that don’t require adult participation - for instance, coloring, playing a game on a mobile device, or watching cartoons on Netflix. Just think about how impatient you get on a long-haul flight and come up with as many creative solutions as possible for your young children to keep themselves amused.


One of the best ways to keep travel sickness at bay, which seems to be something many adults and young children suffer with - particularly when sitting in the back of the car, is to eat little and often throughout the journey.  It is also a good idea to have some mints to suck on or chewing gum to chew.

There are many pharmaceutical and herbal remedies to treat travel sickness, though this advice of eating often is one of the most useful. Furthermore, it can greatly improve mood as people tend to find themselves getting less patient and more irritable with hunger.

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