Monday, November 5, 2018

Unique Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

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We all have that one person in our lives that is just so hard to buy for.  When it comes to getting them a gift, no one knows what to give them.  Either they have absolutely everything imaginable or they are someone who just isn't interested in typical gift items.  Here are some different ideas on what to give the person in your life who just seems to be too difficult to buy for. There are those traditional, wrap-them-in-wrapping-paper gifts and also intangible gifts that may require a little creativity.

Traditional Gifts

If the person you are buying for is a collector of any kind, you are in luck! This means you know for a fact they are deeply interested something you can purchase. It's also a good jumping off point for gift ideas.  Whether they collect coins (check out Sprott Money), action figures, or baseball cards, this gives you an interest to focus on.  If they collect pricey or hard-to-find items, you can buy them a ticket to an event (like ComicCon) where they will be able to find and purchase those rare pieces themselves.

You can also give products that may go with their current interest.  For example, if you are buying for a coffee lover,  instead of buying just a bag of coffee or a gift card, you can create a custom mug online through websites like Zazzle or Shutterfly. Add in some cute stirrers or spoons, flavored coffee syrups, and cookies or biscuits to accompany a great cup of coffee and then put them in a decorative gift basket and voila! You have a great gift.

Intangible Gifts

Intangible gifts are gifts you can't necessarily wrap.  And these types of gifts can require a little more thought, time, and creativity. Gifted experiences are very popular.  For a travel-lover you could gift a cruise, airfare, or a hotel stay.  Just make sure to check with them before booking anything to make sure they are avaialable. This means you could print out a picture of the destination or cruise ship and include it in their card with a message explaining that you are gifting them the trip.

Tickets to sporting events or concerts are also really great experience gifts than may be a bit easier to plan and surprise someone with. If none of these ideas sound like they are a good fit, maybe a service would be more of what you're looking for.  This could mean paying for a cleaning service to come clean a new mom's house, gifting a food subscription box like Hello Fresh to a busy family, buying a gift certificate for a haircut or spa day for someone in need of a little "me time," or even paying for SEO and advertising services for the giftee's online business or blog.  There are even agencies that specialize in advertising for very specific niche markets (like this one here).

With the holidays coming up, it's about that time to start thinking of gifts for everyone on your list.  Hopefully, these ideas cut your brainstorming session in half and made it a little easier to think of a gift for the person who seems to have everything.


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