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The Benefits of Taking Biotin

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The Benefits of Taking Biotin

If you’ve taken the time to stroll through your local health and wellness store, or browsed through supplements online, you’ve likely come across biotin. This vitamin, also known as B7, is not only popular among health enthusiasts, but by biotin benefits are often touted by beauty professionals as well. That’s because this vitamin, naturally occurring in foods such as bananas, milk, and eggs, is known to have many benefits for your body, inside and out.

Beauty Benefits

1. Healthier Hair

Finding clumps of hair on your brush or on the shower floor is not typically something that is taken lightly by most. While breakage and hair loss can occur for many reasons such as stress, thyroid issues, genetics, menopause, childbirth, pregnancy, or fluctuation of hormones levels, low levels of biotin have also been linked to it. If this is the underlying cause for your shedding strands, biotin for hair may be just what you need. Because it promotes the production of the protein, keratin, you can look forward to increasing the chances of retaining, restoring, or even improving hair strength and thickness by adding this B vitamin to your diet.

2. Clearer Skin

Cradle cap, or seborrheic dermatitis, can be a challenging and unsightly skin condition to combat. Putting your best face forward can be difficult when insecurities arise from red rashes that can form as a result of a biotin deficiency. Because biotin deficiency is known to cause scaly rashes, rebalancing those levels with a supplement can help clear up skin issues with underlying biotin-linked causes. Biotin is also known to help other dermatological ailments such as dry skin, fungal infections, and acne.

3. Stronger Nails

Another symptom of a biotin deficiency is dry, brittle nails. Since nails also require the protein, keratin, in order to grow healthy and strong, it should be no surprise that a deficiency can wreak havoc on your hands. By maintaining biotin levels with supplements, nails can stay strong and resistant to splitting and chipping.

Health Benefits

1. Controlled Blood Sugar for Diabetics

Type 2 diabetes is widespread in the country. For the millions of people in the country suffering from this disease, learning various ways to alleviate the symptoms can be life-changing. When used in conjunction with chromium supplements, studies have suggested that biotin can help keep blood sugar levels at bay.

2. Improved Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the female body changes dramatically. One of the known changes is an increased breakdown of biotin in the body which can affect the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Because biotin deficiency has been linked to birth defects and problems with the well-being of mothers, it is worth discussing with a healthcare professional if you are pregnant or nursing. Since changes in biotin levels are seen in nearly half of pregnant women, it is considered a noteworthy issue for many.

3. Other Health Benefits

Even if you are taking biotin primarily for beauty benefits, you may be surprised to learn how this B7 is also used for a variety of physical and mental health conditions. Biotin has been linked to treatments for glucose intolerance, macronutrient metabolism, heart disease, adrenal fatigue, cognitive decline, thyroid imbalance, and muscle inflammation.

How to Take It

Many people have peace of mind knowing that biotin is a naturally-occurring vitamin found in many everyday foods. These foods include whole grains, cauliflower, raspberries, cheese, liver, eggs, avocado, and other healthy choices. However, depending on factors such as your age and nutritional needs, your recommended daily dose of biotin will vary. Even though some may worry about not having access to all food sources, have difficulty accurately estimating the proper dosage, or have aversions to certain ingredients, biotin is available in many topical and oral forms, including easy-to-use capsules that can fit your lifestyle.

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