Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Unique Ways To Gift a Leather Bracelet

Written by a contributing writer

Forget the traditional way of giving jewelry. Gift giving is an art, and choosing the gift is just half the fun. Delight your loved ones by giving them personalized leather bracelets in unique ways. Here are four fun ways to think outside of the box the next time you gift a bracelet.

Unique Packaging

Whoever said packaging doesn’t matter has yet to experience the delight of opening a uniquely packaged gift. Surprise your loved one by hiding the bracelet in a box wrapped in old newspapers or magazines. He or she is sure to admire the unconventional — and environmentally friendly — wrapping paper. Expired calendars also make beautiful and sturdy gift paper, so hold on to these at the end of the year. Creative packaging adds an extra pinch of joy to an already lovely surprise.

Unpredictable Timing

On special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, people are used to receiving their presents at the same time. Break the pattern and surprise them by presenting them with their bracelets unexpectedly. For example, instead of waiting for the birthday party, gift the bracelet before the event. Your loved one is sure to appreciate the spontaneity.

Hide and Seek

Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids! Whether the present is for a child or an adult, sprinkle more fun on the moment by hiding his or her present. Or you might want to let the recipient stumble upon the gift during his or her day-to-day routine. Leave the bracelet in plain sight with a note attached and anticipate sounds of glee from your loved one.

A Surprise Within a Surprise

One gift is better than two. Leather bracelets are the perfect size for hiding within larger gifts. Sneak the bracelet into a pocket of a new jacket or hide it in a decorative jar filled with candy and gift paper.
Pick any of these endearing methods and relish in the gift delivery experience. You and your loved ones will remember these moments for years to come.

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