Monday, December 16, 2019

6 last minute things to do before your holiday guests arrive

Written by Alex Berger

 One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting to spend time with friends and family that you may not have seen in a while. Hosting holiday events and sharing your home can be so special. Although it is an extremely busy time of the year for most of us, there are still some things you should consider getting done before your guests arrive to ensure the best visit possible! Read on to make sure you check your list twice.

Finish Your Shopping

If you have guests coming into town for the holidays, the last thing you want is to be scrambling to buy last-minute Christmas gifts after they arrive (especially if it is shopping for your guests’ gifts!). Your guests will likely be ready to relax and enjoy the holidays when they get into town, and they likely won’t want to be dragged around town into busy stores. Check this one off your list and knock it out before they get to your house!

Bake Cookies For Your Neighbors

While baking cookies for your neighbors isn’t necessary, nor is it a common practice, that’s what can make it extra special. Your neighbors will love opening their door to some warm, fresh-baked holiday cookies. There is nothing better to get you into the holiday spirit! However, when you are having guests come into town, you might want to bake those cookies before they arrive. Once your guests arrive, save the cookie baking to eat for yourselves!

Get Your Exterior Cleaned

Are you having people stay at your house? If so, you absolutely need to get your windows washed. I bet you haven’t done that in quite some time and you’ll be surprised how big of a difference it makes. To be honest, I asked some of my friends when the last time they had their windows washed and 90% of them said that they have never had it done before. If this is the case with you, I highly recommend getting it done before your holiday guests arrive. And if you are looking for a great company to get the job done, check out ZAP Cleaning, based out of the North Port, FL area. ZAP Cleaning is locally-owned and operated. They specialize in pressure washing, house washing, and roof + window cleaning. They are able to rid your home of mildew, grime, algae, and other unsightly elements from your house, concrete surfaces, and roofs, as well.

They say, “If you want a clean exterior without the hard work, look no further. Our crew has been proven time and time again to be on time, professional, and having reasonable pricing. We stand by our word and only want to provide our customers with the best. Our quality shines through with our multiple repeat clients, so why not join them and be on our list? Zap Cleaning only provides the best for your home or business and that means we don’t cut corners when it comes to cleaning. We use soft wash techniques for your home or business exterior and only use the highest qualities of solutions. Don’t risk damage that can be done by power washing yourself or having someone uninsured do it – get the Zap guarantee and give us a call for an estimate.” With timely and accurate estimates, guaranteed customer satisfaction, and amazing results, what are you waiting for?! Find out more about ZAP Cleaning and get a free quote today!

Make A Christmas Playlist

As you and your family or friends gather around the Christmas tree in the days surrounding Christmas, having some Christmas jingles playing in the background is a great way to add a little extra joy and spirit to your holiday. This is something that you want to make sure you can complete before your guests arrive so that you don’t spend hours slaving over your computer or phone instead of spending that time with your guests.

Create Your Grocery List - And Shop

A very important task to get done prior to your guests’ arrival is the grocery shopping. Does ANYONE like grocery shopping? More power to you if you do, but your guests might not want to tackle that chore with you. Add all of your eggnog recipe ingredients to that list prior to day-of, and get the shopping done so that you can spend the most time possible with your friends and family who came into town to spend time with you.

Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Last but not least, make your home smell like Christmas to make it feel cozier (and happier too, in my opinion). There is nothing like the smell of a frasier fir tree, but if you cannot have a real tree in your home for whatever reason, you can at least make it smell like you have one in there! I highly recommend getting essential oils to make this happen. Or, if you do not mind burning scented candles, there are some great candles on the market that give you that Christmas-feel!

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