5 Time-Saving Gadgets for the Kitchen

We’ve all had one of those days. You slept terribly, then the kids wouldn’t play ball, and you have a million and one things to do all before midday. It would be great if we could save some time somewhere. Usually, I wouldn’t think the kitchen is the place I could make up time. Especially when you want to make tasty and healthy meals for the family. Investing in some clever little gadgets really does seem to be the way forward, though. Take a look at my list of time-saving gadgets that make cooking a breeze! 

Rice Cooker

Even if you don’t like rice, stick with me here! A rice cooker boils or steams rice for you. No more slaving over the stove trying to stop the rice from sticking. The heat is controlled so you don’t need to worry about it burning, or cooking too slowly. Constant attention is usually required for any rice dish, but using a rice cooker frees up so much of your time. A top tip is to cook more rice than you need whilst you have the cooker on, that way you can meal prep for the week ahead- saving, even more, time! Rice cookers aren’t just for rice either. They can cook eggs and oatmeal, and even steam vegetables.

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Food Processor

If you only want to invest in one kitchen gadget, make it a food processor. These powerful machines make short work of all your cutting, slicing, chopping and blending. They can even knead dough! Whether you want to make a smoothie, chop onions, or blend a soup, a food processor is an efficient and versatile tool. Different attachments and blades make it easy to try new recipes and storm through and food prep. 

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Citrus Squeezer/ Juicer

The juice of a lemon, or a squeeze of orange, can make all the difference to some dishes. But the process of squeezing citrus fruits can be a messy and frustrating one. Fishing pips out of a dish is no fun! A citrus squeezer minimizes waste and maximizes juice, all with very little elbow grease.

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Bread Maker

Making bread has always sounded like a daunting task. Images of a flour-filled kitchen and sticky dough caught on surfaces come to mind. Whilst the best bread maker machine on the market might be out of budget, there are plenty of smaller options. Think about the types of bread you're going to want to make the most of. If large loaves are your thing, choose a bigger machine. All machines get to work at the push of a button and produce fresh no-fuss bread.

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Garlic Peeler

Peeling garlic takes forever! Not to mention the fact that you have to chop, crush, or press the garlic afterward. Cut down on the time it takes to peel garlic by buying a garlic peeler. These funny looking tubes have rubber grips on the inside. As you roll the garlic backward and forwards, the grips tear off the papery skin without breaking the garlic itself.

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This is a collaborative post written by a contributing writer.

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