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What is your favorite family TV show? Are you an ABC’s Modern Family kind of viewer, or do you prefer the atypical relationship of the Fishers in Six Feet Under? Or maybe you still have a soft spot for Steve Urkel in Family Matters? Whatever show stole your heart, there’s a good chance that you unconsciously crave for a harmonious family life. What does harmony in the family mean is something that a previous post of has addressed to give you a list of ideas to establish a new sense of purpose in your family, from environmentally-friendly approaches to building cheerful memories as an everyday reminder of what you stand for. However there is another element that lies at the core of the family life: The health factor of your family is essential to the creation of a harmonious lifestyle. Indeed, destructed families that struggle with healthy issues from isolation to weight gain find it more difficult to establish a purposeful routine that unites their efforts together. Here’s how to best address these elements to create a stronger bond.

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Create The Team “Family”

A healthy lifestyle is not something that you can decide for yourself. A healthy lifestyle is an action that the entire family needs to desire and commit to. There is no need for one family member, for example, to wish to start looking after their fitness level and their diet if the rest of the family moans about the greens on their plates and still grab for the occasional cookie or pack of crisps. Wanting the best for your family starts from within: Everyone needs to realize that unhealthy eating habits, lack of movements and loss of interest are the common health issues that touch most families. Getting better at feeling better together starts by taking care of each one of you. It’s a big commitment, but this is especially one to decide as a family to make everyone feel part of the team. So it’s not only mom who goes for a jog at ungodly hours of the day, but it’s the whole family who wants to become a stronger and leaner unit together. Planning your activities together is the key.

Look For Healthy Eating Options

Once you’ve asserted the team, you need to start building healthy habits, and especially healthy eating habits. While there is more to family life than healthy food, there’s no need to let bad habits destroy your family. This starts by looking at your cupboards, of course, and removing anything that has no nutritional value for your body - unfortunately, this includes biscuits, soda and any salty snacks. Feeling better in yourself will help to bring your family together: This means focusing on fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat and fish options if you are not a vegetarian. Additionally, as you start changing your shopping habits, you will need to review your cooking kit: Frying pans that require a lot of oil so that the food doesn’t stick may not be the best option anymore. Have a look for non-stick, heat reliable cookware, such as that can help you make the most of your ingredients. Looking at spiralizers is also a good idea as this can allow you to be more creative with vegetables and to ditch the carb for healthy zucchini spaghetti, for example. Have a look at for tons of yummy ideas.

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Nurture A Positive And Calm Atmosphere

Last, but not least when it comes to your overall family health, is mental health and the ability to face situations calmly together. If you are not sure what this means, think about the last time that you went to the mall: Have you seen angry parents shouting at their children to be quiet? If so, do you remember how the scene ended? It is likely that the parents would have been shouting some more while the kids ended up crying loudly. If this was the case, you could consider that it was an example of a disharmonious family life. The way parents react to difficult situations is a lesson that you are giving to your children. As you can’t control what life throws at you, keeping your cool is key in teaching your children how to stay positive and centered. This will not only strengthen your bond as a family but this positive attitude to life can help you to avoid a lot of troubles, especially with teenage children who can easily lose their temper through hard times.

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