Creative Home Ideas For Kids Birthday Parties

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Everyone wants to give their kids a party that they’ll never forget – but this doesn’t entail having to plan an expensive day out. There are many fun and creative party activities that are perfect for a birthday at home. Here are a few examples.

Water fights

In the summer, why not let kids cool off by buying some water guns and water balloons. Let them run around in the garden and burn off energy. You can even set up a paddling pool. Kids are sure to get soaked so ensure that you let all their parents know, so that they can prepare when they come to pick up their kids by car. You can also play organised games if you’re worried chaos will ensue (this site contains a few examples of games you can play just using water balloons).

Bubble soccer suits

You may have heard of padded sumo suits already. But have you heard of bubble soccer suits? These inflatable suits work much the same – they’re essentially mini-zorb balls. You may have to stand guard just to make sure kids don’t get too rough, although the inflatable padding generally makes these suits safe to roll around and play-fight in. There are multiple companies that deal with bubble soccer suits.

On the topic of bubbles, these can make a great fun feature to add to a party. Kids love to create and chase bubbles. You can either stick with small bubbles, or buy a giant bubble wand (not all of these are as easy to use and you might expect!).

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunt games can be played in the garden or the house and can work much like Easter Egg hunts with multiple hidden prizes or with teams and one hidden prize that requires following a series of clues. These can be combined with games for a fun home party that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Prizes can include toys or sweets.

Balloon games

Believe it or not, but there are many games that you can play simply with balloons. These can include not letting balloons touching the ground, playing balloon tennis and making balloon sculptures. You can even play balloon darts. Some kids can be afraid of popping balloons, so take this into account whilst planning as not to scare off any children!

Arts and crafts

Fuel children's’ creative sides by encouraging an arts and crafts game. Have kids try and build the best spaceship and see the results. Alternatively, kids can try and build their own fancy dress costumes. There doesn’t even have to be a competitive edge to it – you can simply let kids’ imaginations run wild for an hour or two. This kind of activity is great to play on a rainy day, although playing them outside on a warm day can also cut down on the mess. It can also make great downtime after playing other more active games.

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