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I am not a fitness blogger.  I will just come right out and admit to that.  I do try to stay healthy and active, but I am no where near the caliber of fit as many of the fitness/nutrition bloggers are.  Like many women, I have a busy schedule and because I am not completely passionate about exercise, I try to just find solutions that easily fit into my schedule.   If I'm honest, exercise will fall to the back burner unless its something that is flexible and quick.  Knowing this about myself has helped me find the following solutions to keep myself active.

10 Minute Solution: Pilates Perfect Body
Photo: Amazon

I have talked about this DVD over and over - But it really is that great!  It is split up into 10 minute segments.  Each segment focuses on different areas of the body - belly, arms, bottom and thighs, and, my favorite, the entire silhouette.  These segments are short but effective without being frustratingly challenging.  Its super easy to carve out a little time in my schedule to do at least one segment and I do notice visible results (especially with the belly segment.)  This is perfect for those looking to tone, cinch, and sculpt.

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands
Photo: Amazon

 This machine is small, easy to store, and pretty affordable for an exercise machine (make sure to watch the price, as it fluctuates - I got it for $35 off of Amazon.)  Its meant for short incremental use.  Meaning, it is best used in 15 - 30 minute increments.  Otherwise, it will overheat.   For me, this is perfect since I usually end up getting interrupted by my son while using this anyway.  Its just enough to leave me a little sore for the rest of the day, but not so sore that I have a hard time getting through my remaining to-dos.

CLICK Espresso Protein Drink

Though this is not an exercise program or machine, it is one of my favorite "fitness" related finds.  I used to drink both a cup or coffee (or 2) and a protein shake in the morning.  It just felt like SO MUCH liquid to consume first thing in the morning that I would normally struggle to finish the shake.  After some internet searching I found CLICK. This protein shake powder contains instant coffee and tastes like a specialty coffee your local barista might prepare for you.  I've tried both the Mocha and Vanilla Latte.  Both are delicious.

Suzanne Bowen Long and Lean Prenatal Workout

As you can tell, I love Suzanne Bowen. This was actually they first exercise DVD I bought by her and led me to try the Pilates Perfect Body DVD listed above.  I know I've talked about this DVD and recommended it privately to friends and family.  I love this workout for its relaxing prenatal segments, but my favorite feature?  The postnatal segment at the end.  We all know Diastasis Recti can occur during pregnancy and often lessens with time as the body recovers after pregnancy.  There are exercises you can do to help the healing processes along but it is important not to push that abdomen too hard with inappropriate exercises - doing so can actually worsen the Diastasis Recti and prove to be counteractive in your attempts to get your pre-pregnancy belly back.  The postnatal exercises on this DVD are specifically meant to lessen Diastasis Recti and help flatten the tummy. I used it for months after my son was born (once I was given the OK to exercise from my doctor, of course,) simply because I loved the exercises and results.


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