Take A New Look At New York This Winter

When you live somewhere warm all year round, you can be forgiven for dreaming of a white Christmas. So why not make that dream come true this year? Spending the holidays somewhere that makes that time of year even more magical could be perfect for your family. And what better place for eggnog, twenty foot decorated trees, and a good chance of a snowball fight than New York?

This winter could be the ideal time to take a vacation in New York. You might drive here with your kids. Flying is quite easy too as the airports are all within a reasonable distance of the tourist hotspots. And who wouldn’t love the chance to ride in a real New York Cab? If you think the weather might be changeable, then why not pick a hotel near the center of things? These can be quite expensive during the holidays though, and availability may be limited. Instead, have a look online for your ideal new york holiday apartments to see if your family would be more comfortable.

Shopping for the holidays is always hectic and busy. But you’ve never experience shopping for holiday gifts quite like this. New York has some of the biggest and best toy stores, book stores, fashion stores and department stores. You’re guaranteed to find whatever it is you’re looking for. You’ll probably find a lot of other things you never considered too! And when you’re finished for the day, make the most of the late night opening for a strong cup of New York coffee.

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The Wollman Rink in Central Park is a wonderful way to spend a late afternoon with the kids. It’s just big enough to maximize your fun, and just small enough to feel comfortable. Of course, you might prefer to head to the Rockefeller Center for a taste of the big leagues. Don’t miss out on Central Park, though. It is beautiful both day and night, so plan to see it often. Why not take a pony and trap ride to enhance the experience?

The Empire State Building is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. You can still take the elevator to the top during the holiday season. It could be the most beautiful time of year to do it as you’ll see all the city decorations and lights for miles. Wrap up warm, though. The cold wind can bite up there!

Broadway also offers plenty of holiday-themed shows to keep your family entertained. Perhaps you have something more mainstream in mind? Check for showtimes and buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment. Some tourists prefer to take advantage of matinees or dinner-and-a-show tickets. If you’re traveling with your kids, make sure the timings work out for their bedtimes.

If you’re still in New York at New Year, there is nowhere else to be but Times Square. This is a fantastic experience and will be very memorable for all the family. You can enjoy the fun of it on TV, but being there is definitely something else! Make New York your holiday destination this year.

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