Nightmare To Nicemare: How To Travel With A Toddler

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If you're a Mommy, you know how stressful it can be to travel with your kids. Whether they're loud, overexcited or just won't stop moving, there are ways to manage it.

Book Ahead

Figure out where you're going to go first, so you don't have to fuss about trying to buy tickets when you've got your child pulling at your leg and asking to be picked up. Pre Booking means everything is done before your journey, which also means you get to skip any lines.

Be Prepared For Any Weather

You never know what the weather is going to be like for certain, so make sure you pack for any type of day. That way you'll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

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Take Your Time

Don't rush it, if your child senses you're anxious, they will be too. Make travelling a fun experience by spending time together as a family and enjoy the journey to wherever you have planned to go.

Public Transport

It's important to get your children used to taking public transport, so they're not afraid of it in the future, there are many different types of transport such as buses, trains, boats, and planes. Welcome bus rides at an early age because they may have to start taking it when they're older to get to school. Show them there are many cool things kids can do on a bus, like going on school trips, etc.

Baby Wipes

Always keep baby wipes on you wherever you go. Who knows what your child is going to touch, burst or play in. If you have them with you at all times, then you can wipe away whatever needs to be cleaned, quickly and efficiently.

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Give Them A Camera

This would obviously need to be a child-friendly camera that can survive being thrown. It will keep them busy for a little while, and you may also be surprised at what kind of photos they took from their miniature point of view. It will be interesting to see what captured their attention enough to take a photo of it.

First Aid Kit

You can never be sure what kind of adventure your child will have, but just to be on the safe side make a little kit with items including plasters, a thermometer and cough medicine, etc. This will save a lot of stress later on.


One good tip for traveling with your youngster is to write your number on their arm with a marker pen. It sounds a little drastic, but places like airports and train stations get busy, so if ever they do get lost, your number will be the first thing someone sees.


Avoid Sweets

Avoid giving your child sugary snacks for the duration of the journey. Although is may be tempting just to keep them happy, try and have healthy options available for them instead. Besides you wouldn't want to arrive at your destination with a toddler on a sugar high!

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