Getting Around India: The Ultimate Transport Guide

It's safe to say that when you visit a new country, there are a few local customs that it takes a while to get used to. We are so used to our own culture that sometimes other ones seem unusual to us - strange even. In the Western world, certain aspects of our lives are incredibly developed thanks to advances in technology and science. One of these is our transport system. In America, China and in most European countries, the national transport system is quite unanimous. We have strict rules for traffic, efficient public transport and rules for cyclists too. But this does not mean to say that these rules are obeyed world-over. In fact, many popular vacation destinations may even have forms of transport you've never even seen before. India is a great example of this. It is a hugely popular holiday destination for millions of people each year, thanks to its vibrant culture, amazing food and warm climate. However, you will need to figure out how you're going to get about whilst you're there.

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Cars and motorized traffic

The roads in India are infamous for being some of the most dangerous in the world. In fact, statistics suggest that one person dies on India's roads every four minutes, accounting for about 500,000 every year. There are many reasons for these shocking statistics, one of which being that the roads are poorly designed. This view is one that is often taken by experts. However, there is also a huge influx of different types of transport using the same roads daily. Cars, lorries, rickshaws and bikes all weave in and out of one another in major cities like Delhi, with no set lanes for anyone. In fact, it is not uncommon to see cows walking along in the midst of all the traffic! There are plenty of taxis available to flag down just as there are in other countries, but be aware of how busy the roads are as it may still take a long time for you to reach your destination! If you have any concerns about road safety in India, read fellow traveler reviews on India travel forums before you leave.


Rail transport is a major factor in everyday life in India, especially for more long distance journeys. In fact, going on a train journey is often considered the best way to see India, as you will pass a lot of stunning scenery and major sights. Many trains get booked up very far in advance, especially on popular routes, so make sure you organise your tickets early. Many Indian trains are actually sleeper trains, so if you have a long journey to take it can be worth booking one of these to save on the price of a hotel. If you have some cash to splash, why not book a luxury cabin and enjoy some traditional Indian customs, such as on-board tea tasting?

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Tuk-tuks are a type of rickshaw that comes with a motor. They have three wheels and are covered with a plastic roof which will shelter you from bad weather. However, the sides of the vehicle are usually left open. They are popular in busy cities for short journeys, as they are sometimes able to weave in and out of exceptionally busy traffic. If you are wanting to experience the hustle and bustle of a true Indian city, it is a must to take a ride on a tuk-tuk.

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