Want To Get Fit? Enjoy The Great Outdoors

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The great outdoors is a wonderful place to be. The fresh air and the sunshine can soothe the soul and are great for energizing us and perking up any bad moods. This is why, as the warmer weather approaches, exploring the great outdoors is an amazing thing to incorporate into your fitness regime. Sticking to an air-conditioned gym or swimming pool limits the opportunities for a great workout, and isn’t able to give you everything you need to feel healthy. If you make one resolution for your fitness regime this summer, make it getting outdoors.


Waking up early during the summer months before the full heat of the day has taken hold, before the insects are out, and even before the neighbors are awake, and just going for a run around the neighborhood is one of life’s great pleasures. It’s cheaper than going to the gym - all you need is your running shoes, your music, and a bottle of water. And it gets your heart rate up before you even start the day, meaning you metabolize food and burn fat more effectively.

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Our country is blessed with truly breathtaking scenery, and one of the best ways to explore is by foot. All you need is a map, a picnic, and a good pair of walking shoes - check out here for a review of the best waterproof walking shoes available on the market, treat yourself and then get out there. Walks can be tailored to suitability, time, and distance, making them great for beginners and the whole family. Make sure you take enough water and protective clothing, though. In the summer, the hot sun can be quite dangerous if you’re ill-equipt.


Swimming in outdoor pools, or even safe lagoons or lakes it a great way to experience the fresh air and get fit, especially if you’re recovering from injury and require a low-impact exercise as a result. It’s also great for getting the whole family involved. Check out online to find some good, safe swimming spots near you. It’s important to be wary of pollution and animals, including alligators, when you’re venturing out swimming, so be careful about where you choose to dive in.

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The beauty of running and hiking in the great outdoors is the scenery, so jumping on a bike and riding is the ultimate way to see it all. You can cover far greater distances and see even more beautiful vistas on the back of a bike. Take a tent, a few pans, and a lot of water, and you’ve got yourself a great traveling camping trip, which is fantastic for the body too. While a bike is a bit pricier than a pair of running shoes, it can completely change your life. And even if you don’t want to use it to see the scenery, try cycling to work instead of driving and see the impact even that fairly minor change can have on your fitness levels.
Getting out into the great outdoors is partly about opening yourself up to fresh air and the sunshine, but it’s also great for the heart, burning fat, and building muscles. It truly is the best of both worlds.

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